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  Some history ..  
Luís Doespiritusanto García
Manager and Designer
Second generation
Sonia Doespiritusanto Fernández
Accounting and Quality Department
Third generation
Eva Doespiritusanto Fernández
Management and Design Department
Third generation

XARAIVA PYROTECHNICS S.L. was founded approximately by the current manager's father on 1960. In those days the proprietor worked alone in the factory and in occasions with the help of his sons because there wasn't much production and the clients were local.

In 1977 one of his sons takes charge of the company, the current manager Luis Do Espíritu Santo García, and gives it a radical change. Nowadays they manufacture all type of pyrotechnics material from Galician tradition and they also import material, not only for their fire-castles but also to sale to other companies of the sector.

Since 1993 we work in a new factory, the most important thing we work on day a day is security, which has changed a lot because of the measures imposed from administration and the management of the company.


These changes not only concern production, purchase-sale, and in security, but also when carrying out their fire-castles, where all type of pyrotechnic material is shot, and with the latest technology in shooting machines: digital machines with precision unthinkable years ago and some completely innovative effects.

This constant innovation in material and the continuous recycling has made possible that in the last years this company has made shoots in the most important cities of Spain and Portugal, and participates in competitions of international fame being successful against companies of the same sector of the rest of Spain and other countries like France, Italy, China, Portugal,...